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Top 25 Best Road Trip Sing-a-long Songs!

The AA reveals top sing-a-long songs for car journeys, so lets see what we think about the tunes they've picked! 
Though we are admittedly mostly rock fans over at D+L, we admit that Pop music unites the nation as the all-time favourite genre for the road, we all have some guilty favourites. 

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody has been voted the ultimate sing-a-long song of all time, in a study by the AA* looking at the songs that bring us together during car journeys. The 1975 anthem was followed by Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer in second place just ahead of the cheesy classic, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Not bad right?! Maybe there is some hope for the main stream after all!

To help keep the nation’s show on the road, the AA has revealed the top sing-a-long songs for the first big driving weekend of the year, after 95% said that music makes the journey fly by.

Cheryl Calverley, Marketing Director at the AA, comments: “Our research has shown that we’re more likely to sing in the car than anywhere else, with group sing-a-longs forming special memories for 74% of us.

So, have a look at the list and leave a comment below with any tunes you think they've missed off the list!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

(Based on Wayne's World, we will have to agree) 

2. Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
3. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
4. Dancing Queen – ABBA
5. Don’t Stop Believin’ – The Journey
6. I will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
7. Wonderwall – Oasis
8. Hotel California – The Eagles
9. Hey Jude – The Beatles
10. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
11. Mr Brightside – The Killers
12. Angels – Robbie Williams
13. Bat Out of Hell – Meatloaf
14. Beat It – Michael Jackson
15. Girls Just Wanna have fun – Cyndi Lauper
16. The Final Countdown – Europe
17. Let it Go – Frozen

18. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
19. Everything’s Gonna be Alright – Bob Marley
20. Rolling in the Deep – Adele
21. Thriller – Michael Jackson
22. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson
23. Imagine – John Lennon
24. Hey Ya – Outkast

This should 100% be higher up the list right? 

25. Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Deep.Sleep | Soho | Single Review

Newcastle based, Indie/Alt band Deep.Sleep’s new single Soho was given to me specifically to review and I’m very glad that I got given it. After this band’s name had being floating around within social media and my friendship group for while, I was happy to finally properly listen to one of their songs. I was not sure what to expect from this band but what I heard when I first pressed play made me very hopeful of the talent that these lads have.

     The song starts with the music slowly growing louder and louder which I found was a really good way of starting the song as I’ve not heard as many bands do this recently. When the vocals first hit you with no instrumental backing, after a quick intro, you hear this quite rough and deep voice; I fell in love with his voice instantly. The way that Deep.Sleep did the first minute of the song really impressed me, as it feels really precise and well thought-out to slowly entice the listening into the song and trapping them within the uplifting beat.

      When listening to the song you completely zone out from the rest of the world and just move along to the incredibly catchy beat and just enjoy the soothing sound of the vocals. I think that this song needs to be on everyone’s summer playlist as I imagine it being played in the heat and sun with everyone moving along to it. It is a song that will get stuck in your head extremely easily as soon as soon as you listen to it once you will want to listen to it multiple times in a row.

      I personally think this song is really well written and thought-out; it is clear that a lot of hard work went into writing and producing the song. The well timed pauses in the instruments playing so the vocals are just playing really brings the song together and highlights the incredible vocals. For me, the vocals are my favorite part of this song as his voice really suits the song and is such an easy song to listen to at any time in the day.

     This song will definitely be joining many of my playlists straight away and everyone else should add it to theirs too as it is just such an easy to listen to song at anytime, in any location. I find these lads extremely talented and will be keeping an eye out for anymore of their future work.

Review by Abby Hardy

Sunday, 18 March 2018

KOSMONAUTS | Stay | Single Review

     After what feels like forever, this incredibly talented band have released another single Stay to their adoring fans. I have been following this song for months and have heard it in its most raw form and then seen it build up over time. KOSMONAUTS have worked so hard that is clear to see in the quality of song, each layer has been careful planned and rehearsed until its reached its highest level of quality.

     ‘Stay’ starts with a quick build up and then goes straight into the instrumentation and lyrics. The beat of the drums is the most prominent instrument behind the lyrics. Once again, KOSMONAUTS have produced some outstanding lyrics, they are so catchy that you will be singing them all day. The guitar coming in later in the song adds the needed contrast to the drums and bass guitar to lift the song even further.

     When the chorus kicks in, this is when the song reaches its best. The combination of each instrument causes a really loud and impactful chorus that almost forces you to smile at the level of talent that is shown off. After the big build up of the chorus, the tempo of the song slows down and the instruments soften down to match the slightly more soft lyrics. The vocals are really highlighted in this softer section of the song, Rob really shows off the range in his voice. My favourite part of the song is at 1:44 when he heightens his voice, I can’t help but smile when I hear it.

     The song then picks up-tempo once again but instead of slowing down they go into a very strong and impactful instrumental with slight harmonies, which would be incredible when performed live. It then slows down completely again, with the lyrics slightly muted in the background with the guitar being the most prominent instrument. Once again it then picks up-tempo to the really powerful sections of the song. Then to end the song they slowly drop the tempo and each instrument gets more muted until there is no sound at all. 

     I am extremely proud of these lads, as this song has turned out to be incredible and has been a complete hit with all of their fans as it got over 1000 streams in just over 24 hours. I know there is a lot more that these lads have to release and if they work as hard on them as they did with this song then they will gain so much love and admiration from so many people. I’m very excited for their next releases as they have so much talent that is still to be shown off. I know without a doubt that these lads are growing rapidly and will continue to grow in this industry as they have so much talent and potentially to grow big.

Review by Abby Hardy

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Stone Horizon | Animal | Single Review

A warning: Animal by Stone Horizon is, once heard, a very difficult song to get out of your head.

 They have a shoe-gazey sound that casts my mind to bands like R.E.M., Land Of Talk, and The Futureheads.
The melodies have a strong hint of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t fear the Reaper”, (which incidentally, is covered by the band on YouTube.) Personally I like this touch. It gives an earthy, likeable character, as does the dynamic range of the vocals and the clear but lo-fi production. The vocals go from a melodic, urgent feel in the verses, blending into the wall of sound, to a deep crooning during the bridge, singing “Im gonna get ya” in a similar vein to Blondie’s “One way or another.”

Warm bass harmonies compliment the guitars, as do the drums, which have a powerful and expansive depth. The band don’t indulge too much in solos (quite often a good thing in my book), which makes the hammer-on laden noodling at the climax of the song all the more well placed, adding a nicely understated complexity.

Animal is an infectious song for many moods. My mind pictures driving, running and being in the open air as some good settings. Chasing someone, or being chased by them, (in a friendly way) would also be fitting.

Listen to Animal here

Review by Lawrence Peattie

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